Best Practices of CCTV - Implementing Successful Video Security Systems

This Guide for CCTV Buyers gives an extensive and comprehensive overview on how you can successfully implement a video surveillance camera in your home or business. This article will provide you with information that will aid you in designing your video surveillance system. It will also help you to choose the products that suit your system requirements the most and this will help reduce cost and save time.

There are many things to consider before you can select the right Video surveillance system. Professional CCTV surveillance is quite expensive and you need to lay out a budget then you should consider the most suitable system. This guide will assist an inexperienced CCTV buyer to review camera and recording devices so they can decide on what will be perfect for their Video surveillance system.
For your CCTV to be successful you need to firstly highlight the major CCTV objectives.


1.    The number of cameras required.
2.     The major Field of View(s) (FoV)
3.    The required recording specifications
4.    The lighting conditions of every place the camera(s) will be located.
5.    The amount of time the video files will be retained.
6.    Where a second video monitor or live video monitoring will be needed.
7.    The amount of time the video files will be retained.


There are certain cameras you need to choose based on lighting conditions, FoV, and the location where the camera(s) will be mounted. There is no universal specification for all CCTV projects. Each one is dynamic.
It is very important for you to note where each camera will be located and choose the camera that suits that location the best.



Types Of Video Surveillance Camera

Indoor Dome Camera
In almost all general indoor applications the camera used is the indoor dome camera. A standard indoor Dome Camera has various configurations which include Infrared Versions, Day/Night and standard color. You can mount it on a vertical or horizontal surface but typically, it is mounted on the ceiling. Dome camera has lens options and in some applications that require more than a 20mm lens, there may be some restrictions. Dome Cameras are efficient when installed in indoor camera locations.

Box Camera
A box camera is a basic camera that you can mount in an enclosure or alone. This type of surveillance camera has a separate lens that can be attached to the front surface and this provides more flexibility for various FoV requirements. The camera is not sold with a lens. An auto-iris lens has a cable that can be connected to the camera to so as to control the iris in different lighting conditions.

Outdoor Dome Camera
These types of cameras are basically cameras with hard shell vandal-proof casings that provide similar versatility for various lens options. Outdoor dome cameras with Day/Night option are usually applied in places with entry and exit points where the lighting in the night is limited.

Day/Night Camera
In places with low-light conditions, the best choice is the Day/Night camera. In daylight conditions, the cameras are the normal color. The Day/Night cameras change mechanically or digitally to a low- lux black and white mode.

Infrared Camera
In conditions where there is low or no light, infrared cameras illuminate the FoV with infrared and this allows for monitoring of places with no illumination. 
Automatically, the Infrared LEDs are illuminated and the camera switches to low-lux Black and white mode providing camera views in absolute darkness.


Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

The Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera also called PTZ camera provides the ability to optically zoom in and also view in every direction. PTZ cameras also have Day/Night options, standard color and a few recent ones have an Infrared mode.  The PTZ cameras can be set to rotate automatically to various FoVs by the CCTV operator. You can also dynamically track objects in specific areas by using the Auto-tracking option.
There are other things associated with CCTV system apart from cameras. The following are other things to know about Video Surveillance System.

Camera Enclosure
You can mount box cameras in various types of enclosures. In cold climates, outdoor enclosures should have a blower/heater that will protect the camera and lens by preventing condensation and frost from forming on them. Most Blower/Heaters are 24VAC and you should put this into consideration when you are choosing the power supply system for your CCTV and read more.

Camera Location
The location where the camera(s) will be mounted is very important for the CCTV project to be a success. The required field of view should be as close as possible to where the camera will be mounted. If the camera is close to the subject, it will be easier to identify the person. Selecting the right lens in relation to the required FoV and the location of the camera is paramount to a quality picture.

Digital Video Recorders
Digital Video Recorders, also known as DVRs are essential to the success of any CCTV project. The resolution of videos is increasing, the speed of recording is becoming faster and the size of video data file is reducing due to video data compression.  Many CCTV applications nowadays have TeraByte storage capacity. In all professional DVRs on the market in recent times, remote or network monitoring of CCTV video is a standard thing.
For any application, in order to select the right DVR, the following things must first be considered.



1. The number of channels (cameras)

2. The required speed of recording.

3. The amount of time the video files will be retained (Hard Drive Size)

4. The features important to the application

5. The location of the DVR system

6. The requirements of Remote monitoring


Network Access and Remote Viewings

The ability to monitor a video server across WAN, LAN or internet remotely is termed Network Access. In any DVR system, it is very important to be able to monitor live feeds and also access recordings remotely. Most recent DVRs have a LAN RJ45 feature that allows for the connection between the Video recorder and LAN.


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